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Gift a Row!


The "Gift a Row" e-gift card is the perfect gift for the water lover in your life! It can be used for all DWR services and is offered in amounts equal to 1-4 rows (or people)--or a custom amount!...

Other amount

How it works:

Gift card amounts are equivalent to the number of rows you'd like to gift one person 1 row = $95, 2 rows = $190, etc. 


OR can also translate to the # of people on a row.  If you'd like to give the recipient an option to bring other people for a row, choose 2-3 under quantity.  You can also choose a custom amount for the gift card, between $95-$500.  Gift cards do not expire!


When the recipient is ready to schedule their row, they will visit the DWR website, choose the service and at checkout under payment options, select Gift Card.

Questions?  Contact DWR:


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