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DoryWoman Rowing FAQS

DWR offers a one-of-a-kind, classically Maine experience rowing a traditional-style wooden dory in a gorgeous marine environment.  You'll have access to a whole other world in beautiful Belfast Bay, learn a new skill, observe the abundant wildlife that lives here, discover the history of Belfast's working waterfront and have a unique on the water adventure!


How many boats do you have?

Right now, just one!  Sorciere is a Swampscott dory, a traditional-style wooden boat, originally designed as a fishing vessel for North Atlantic waters, dating back to the mid-1800's. 


How many people does the boat seat? 

She comfortably seats up to four people, including Nicolle, your guide/instructor.

Is the boat safe?

Yes.  Dories are designed for contending with North Atlantic waters and are known for being very sturdy, stable and seaworthy.  They are also designed to hold substantial weight--think a payload of cod!  Sorciere receives regular maintenance.  DWR is fully insured.


Who are DWR's services for?  How does pricing work?

Rows are available for individuals and private groups of up to three people.  Pricing is per person in the boat, with the exception of some speciality rows where pricing options are offered.

What kinds of rowing services does DWR offer?

DWR offers lessons, guided tours, workout and speciality rows.  The standard service is "Row a Wooden Boat," offered as a lesson or guided tour. The lesson provides an introductory instruction on how to row a fixed seat, two-oared, traditional-style boat in open water.  The guided tour offers a scenic on-the-water experience of Belfast Bay and the Passagassawakeag River, with the option to try rowing.  Workout rows are for rowers with intermediate to advanced skills and experience.  DWR offers rowing packages that provide more comprehensive instruction at a discounted price (also offered for workout rows). Speciality rows are guided tours, marking various holidays and celestial events, with the option to row.  The Full Moon Row, the notorious Witches Row and the Solstice Row are examples of these types of rows.


What level of experience do you need to have to row with DWR?

DWR's services are open to all skill-levels, including those with no previous on the water experience (with the exception of the workout row, as noted above).  Accommodations may be available for folks with mobility-related concerns and those who are deaf.


When are rows offered?  How long is a session?

Rows are offered year-round, Tuesday-Sunday, with most sessions happening in the morning, along with some late afternoon and evening sessions, depending on the season.  Sessions are generally an hour and half long, with the exception of Workout Rows, which are an hour and fifteen minutes. 

NOTE:  DWR may be able to customize a row for you or your group.  Please inquire!  Examples:  engagements, team-building, seafaring skills and maritime history for student groups.

Do you really row year-round?  

Yes and it's awesome!

Are children welcome in the boat? 

Children ages 10 and up are welcome as passengers on most rows.  Ages 12 and up may participate in a rowing lesson; adult supervision is required for kids under 14. 

How about dogs?

Possibly! This depends on the size and behavior of the dog and reliable human supervision.


What happens if the weather isn't favorable?

DWR prioritizes your safety.  Your licensed Maine Guide is an experienced open water rower, follows the weather forecast closely, is cautious and makes well-considered decisions whether to go out on the water or not.  DWR will go out in a variety of conditions including a light to moderate breeze, some ocean swell and chop, light rain, fog and snow.  If the weather is unfavorable:  too much wind/waves, steady rain, thunderstorms, too cold/hot, etc., the row will be rescheduled, if possible; if not, a full refund will be issued.  All rows begin with a safety talk.  Life jackets/PFDs are required in the boat for all passengers.  In the colder months, these must be worn on the dock and in the boat. 

What is your client cancellation policy?

Rows cancelled 48 hours in advance will receive a full refund. Beyond 48 hours, including day of cancellations or "no-shows" are not eligible for a refund.  A row cancelled by a client may be rescheduled one time.  A cancellation after the row has been rescheduled will not be eligible for a refund.

What to wear and bring?  DWR recommends wearing comfortable, anti-wicking layers (wool, silk, synthetic fabrics) and footwear appropriate for the temperature and weather conditions.  When cool temps or precipitation are forecasted, bringing a light jacket or rain gear is advised.  In the colder months, wear a wind-resistant jacket that provides insulation, as well as a hat, gloves and boots that will keep you warm and dry.  Bring plenty of water to stay hydrated and sunscreen for daytime rows.  Feel free to also bring a camera or phone to take photos or binoculars! Bring a headlamp or small flashlight for nighttime rows.

Is there any paperwork to fill out?

Yes--the booking form when you schedule your row, which will request specific info from you. All participants must also review and sign DWR's client liability waiver and photo release prior to your row.  You will receive links to this form when you book a session.

Book your Row here or click on "Book Your Row" on the site menu above. 


Questions?  Please reach out to Nicolle at

or call/text:  207-323-3932 


Looking forward to rowing with you!

Want to get more of a feel for rowing with DWR?  Visit our Media page for stories and check out DWR's Instagram!

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