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Here's an opportunity to help support a program offered by DoryWoman Rowing.  Sponsor a row for someone to get out on the water, who may not have the resources to do so themselves.  The row will be offered as a wellness activity to individuals in midcoast Maine communities.  Each purchase goes towards one row, for one person.  Multiple rows can be purchased, which will be distributed to multiple people.  To purchase multiple rows, choose 2 or more in the quantity field.  


IMPORTANT INFORMATION:  this is a purchase, not a charitable donation and therefore not tax deductible.  The Sponsor a Row Program (SAR) is DIFFERENT than the DoryWoman Rowing "Gift a Row" gift cards, which are purchased for and gifted to someone in your life!  The recipients of the SAR program will remain anonymous, unless they choose otherwise.  


If you have any questions about this program, please contact or call 207-323-3932.


Thank you for helping folks get out on the water by supporting this program! 

DWR Sponsor a Row Program

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