"There's no more classically Maine way to spend a guided afternoon
on salt water than in a traditional wooden boat."

Brian Kevin, Editor-in-Chief, DownEast Magazine

DoryWoman Rowing is the Editor's Pick for Best Boat Cruise/Excursion in Maine!


DoryWoman Rowing

Row a traditional-style wooden dory boat in beautiful Belfast Bay with an experienced open water rower and trusted Maine Guide.

Rowing lessons, guided tours, workout and specialty rows offered year-round for individuals and private groups of up to 3 people. 

Morning, late afternoon and early evening sessions available.

Your Guide
Nicolle Littrell, MA

Open-water Rower,

Licensed Maine Guide,

Filmmaker & Photographer

The Boat: Sorciere'
Traditional-Style Wooden Swampscott Dory
Seats up to three other people.

Are you ready for a one-of-a-kind on the water experience? 
DoryWoman Rowing offers a fun, wellness-centered activity, an opportunity to learn a new skill, commune with the natural world in a gorgeous coastal setting, adventure...and magic.  
DWR is the Editor's Pick for Best Boat Cruise/Excursion
in Maine in DownEast Magazine!